The Bridgeland Community Supports Veterans, Inc.


When The Planets Align CREATED TO HONOR VETERANS, ESPECIALLY BRIDGELAND VETERANS Project Description The Bridgeland Community Supports Veterans, Inc. is a group organized for building the Bridgeland Veterans Memorial Park in the Bridgeland community and to honor veterans, especially Bridgeland veterans. Web Design and Development Email and [...]

Community Funding Initiative


When The Planets Align FUNDING FOR A BETTER COMMUNITY Project Description Community Funding Initiative started the website process to improve the lives of those who are most vulnerable. The website servers as the foundation for Community Funding Initiative to keep citizens up to date on the latest events and to [...]

Honor Flight Houston


When The Planets Align GIVING VETERANS THE EXPERIENCE THEY DESERVE Project Description Honor Flight Houston started the website process to increase involvement in their program. Their goal is to help every veteran in America to visit their memorial. Honor Flight utilize the website to convey their message and gather support [...]

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